Daintree Boatman Nature Tours's Diary

The 'Daintree Boatman', Murray Hunt, provides birdwatching nature cruises on the Daintree River and 4WD birding day tours to local birdwatching hotspots.

A cruise with Daintree Boatman Nature Tours is the best way to observe the birds and wildlife of the Daintree World Heritage area. Tours are conducted in a small, open, shallow-draught boat which enables an intimate exploration of the Daintree River and its tributaries, and close observation of the rainforest and wildlife, with a focus on difficult to see birds. Tours depart at dawn so as to see animals at their most active and to enjoy the still clean beauty of the river in early morning light. An average of 50 wildlife species are seen or heard on a two hour tour.

The 'Daintree Boatman' also provides land-based birdwatching tours, and offers an extention of his dawn cruise with a visit to the Tablelands including viewing a number of endemic species on Mount Lewis as part of his 'Big Day Out Birding'.

Murray is a professional nature guide gained at a number of the premier locations around Australia. He is a passionate birdwatcher with international avian conservation experience. He acquired this premier Daintree River cruise from Chris Dahlberg, who pioneered dawn nature cruises on the Daintree River and led remarkable tours for 18 years.

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